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14 Popular Political Parties In Nigeria And Acronyms.

Are you looking for known political parties in Nigeria?

Do you need logos of political parties in Nigeria?

Do you also want to know the leading political parties in Nigeria?…

Or were you given an assignment to find political parties, their acronyms and logos?

Thank god you have this, just read carefully. This are;

And acronyms

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Of political parties in Nigeria. Though this might not be all, or by the time you are reading this article, some must have added or even removed. But as for today, this are the ones on ground.

   Please sorry if your in a rush, but I like doing my thing accordingly, so let’s see what political party is;

What is political party?

A political party is an organized group of people who come together, share the same ideas and believes to gain a common goal.

This is a definition of my own understanding and i believe that is it, if you have a better one, feel free to comment under.

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  Not to waste must of your time, let’s go to the right topic of the day.

Political Parties and Acronyms

  • 1. Peoples Party Of Nigeria (PPN)
  • 2. Hope Party (HOPE)
  • 3. African People Alliance (APA)
  • 4. United Progressive Party (UPP)
  • 5. Kowa Party (KOWA)
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  • 6. Allied Congress Party Of Nigeria (ACPN)
  • 7. United Democratic Party (UDP)
  • 8. People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
  • 9. National Conscience Party (NCP)
  • 10. African Democratic Congress (ADP)
  • 11. All Progressive Congress (APC)
  • 12. Alliance For Democracy (AD)
  • 13. Citizens Popular party (CPP)
  • 14. Accord Alliance (AA)
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